It's time to C E L E B R A T E!

Friends, we know that Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are upon us, but we're not just about having any old regular sale. It's been quite the year - changing our name, forming a new team, writing a new story. So we needed to celebrate and we wanted to invite you, our amazing community, in on that celebration with us. 

We've got SO MUCH going on, so to keep it all straight, I'm going to bullet point the big details. Don't miss out on what you'll find below! 

1. EVERYONE gets a massive discount. Take 30% off of any and all orders between Friday and Monday using coupon code CELEBRATE30. This includes print bundles, canvases, new products - you name it! 

2. We've launched a whole new line! Some of our favorite prints from our Advent Devotional plus a few new ones. But more than that? We've got new mugs, new tote bags, AND new journals! 

3. You spend over $100 in our shop? We'll send you a FREE TOTE bag. You can choose from one of our two new ones, or we'll pick one for you! 

4. We've made gift giving easy. We've got three gift bundles for $30 each, all you have to do is pick which one suits you best. And guess what? Those are on sale too!

And we've got one more important bit of information for you. A portion of all our celebration sale orders will go to support Mercy Med, an non-profit organization in Columbus, Georgia that we can't get enough of. Mercy Med is a primary care organization that provides medical attention for those in Columbus who can't afford it, while also caring and ministering to the souls of the community. 

We love that you all love the Word of God, we love that you support our small business - but we want you to also know that we love supporting the communities we come from, and you get to be a part of that too. 

This sale will go from Friday the 25th though Monday the 28th and it will be our last sale of the year, so DO NOT miss out! We love you all and we're so excited to celebrate with you! 




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