For the sake of Your Word and according to Your will, you have done this great thing and made it known to Your servant.  
God seems to speak to my husband and I very differently. Of course He speaks to both of us through His Word, but His Word comes alive in very different ways for us. It comes to life for me through painting and writing, dreams and visions, and often odd circumstances that point me in the direction in which God is leading me. He tends to speak to Will through practical wisdom and every day common sense. Both ways are equally as spiritual, but in the past, I have found that our gifts sometimes feel as if they are colliding rather than complementing one another.
In a season in which our different gifts seemed to frustrate one another, God gave me a vision to assure me that one day he would bring those gifts together in order to accomplish his purposes. In the vision, I saw two tributaries running parallel moving in the same direction, independent of one another but healthy and flowing freely.   The streams were a picture of Will and I. Eventually the two tributaries met and formed into one river.  
Amen Paper Company feels like the mouth of that River, a swirling eddy where I am seeing Will's practical wisdom, his financial expertise and his calm and steady demeanor come together with my art and writing. I wanted to cry in one of our first meetings with Jess and Nick when I saw how God had used Will to figure out a perfect scenario in order for us to enter the business. It is rare that I get to see Will in action in the business world but it opened my eyes to clearly see how valuable his gifts are. In that moment, I knew that the two tributaries had become one, that what had seemed like us moving in completely different directions had only been us moving parallel toward one river.
So I'm praying that we would be of one mind and one spirit as we grow Amen Paper Company alongside the Connollys. I pray that we would glorify God through our marriages, through our families, and through this partnership. And I thank God that He has “done this great thing and made it known to his servant(s)” that he is fulfilling his promises of bringing us safely into one river, moving us in one direction in order to give glory to God.
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