There is a time for everything. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Sometime in the last few years, I began feeling a little nudging from God toward the word “laughter.” I wasn’t sure why He was leading me to that word, but I had this sense that the body of Christ, including myself, needed to laugh a little bit more and worry about getting it right a lot less. At some point, I decided to ask God if he would do something funny. Not long after that prayer, it seemed that everywhere I turned there was something about twins, which honestly sent me into a spiral of panic, wondering if the “funny” thing God was going to do was to give me twins in my forties.

Now I really do love children and believe they are gifts from God. I have three and am so grateful for them, but I am also a wee bit over forty, and still healing after two years of Lyme disease treatment, so let’s just say that birthing twins is not at the top of my prayer list right now.

Over and over, I have heard the phrase, “I’m bringing you double for your trouble in your forties,” like God gave Job double for the bitter lemons life handed him, for all that the enemy had done in his life. In the past few months, God has done that very thing. When we first partnered with Amen Paper, I thought my art site and Amen Paper would probably merge into one, but the more we prayed, the more we felt that my brand should remain separate from the Amen brand.

So in the end, I am watching God birth two companies at the same time, both scripture print shops, but like twins, they have different names. I guess you would say they are somewhat fraternal, two different looks but both with the same mama. So this mama is giving thanks today for her twins, and that there is a time for everything. There was a time for birthing the living, breathing kind of babies, and now it’s a time for birthing businesses that breathe hope.


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