Naptime Diaries/Amen Paper Company began in 2011 when Jess Connolly grew tired of having sticky notes with bible verses littering her walls. Those hand written notes led her to find a way to create scripture prints for people’s walls in a beautiful and affordable way. Little did she know, the prints that she created at that time would one day grow into a thriving business and a community of people who have loved and benefitted from her creativity and passion for scripture.

 We are now moving forward with new partners and a new name, Amen Paper Company. As we start a new chapter of our story though, we have also taken time to look back and remember what God has grown from one woman’s weariness of sticky notes. Looking back led us to come full circle back to the very thing that started this business, the sticky note. But we want to redeem their pesky reputation and use them to thank you and thank God for what He has done through his Son, and we are calling it “Sticky Note Redemption.”

Inside the first 500 print purchases (unfortunately we can't do this for poster or canvas orders) under the new name of Amen Paper, will be a super cute stack of “Amen” sticky notes. Of course you can use them in whatever creative or practical or humorous way you wish, but this is our vision for what we would love to see happen through your stack of sticky notes.

 Just as we came full circle back to sticky notes, we hope that you use them in your everyday to come full circle back to your own redemption, to remember the places where you have felt God’s hands upon you. We pray you use them to jot tiny notes of things God has done in your life, to stick them to your desk or day planner or your bible or wherever your heart leads you. However you use them we pray they allow the remembrance of Christ to stick to your heart and to the hearts of others.

We want to see how you are using them, and most of all, we want people to hear what God has done in your life, so if you feel led to share, post your photos with #stickynoteredemption, and make sure to tag us so that we see your photo.


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